Death in Venice


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Adapted from the Thomas Mann novel, Benjamin Britten's Death in Venice follows Gustav von Aschenbach, a famous writer of a certain age who seeks a rebirth of inspiration. To that end, he travels to Venice, where he becomes infatuated with a young Polish Boy, Tadzio, whose family is also vacationing in Venice. Confused by his feelings, Aschenbach tells himself that his infatuation is fatherly, and he enjoys watching Tadzio playing games and emerging victorious. Aschenbach, finding the heat oppressive, decides to leave for the mountains, but his luggage is misplaced and he returns to his hotel. He decides that Tadzio is the inspiration that has been thus far eluding him. Soon after, Aschenbach hears rumors of a deadly infection, and before long learns that a cholera epidemic is overtaking Venice. He knows that he should leave, and that he should warn Tadzio and his family, but he cannot bring himself to do so. On the beach, he sees Tadzio defeated by another boy, who shoves his face into the sand. Tadzio walks into the sea as Aschenbach succumbs to death in his beach chair. ~ Craig Butler, Rovi

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