What A Way To End It All


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    What A Way To End It All Castle Music Ltd.

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Review Text Castle's What a Way to End It All: The Deaf School Anthology is a sprawling, 47-track overview packed with all of the band's notable recordings, 12 BBC tracks, and extensive liner notes from Steve Allen. Hailing from Liverpool, England, new wave upstarts Deaf School encountered a much rockier road to fame than their fab-four forefathers. Bursting onto the scene in the late '70s, they clashed head on with the burgeoning punk rock movement, parading their raucous blend of vaudeville-pop and barroom art rock through the local pub scene and accumulating a devout fan base. Their failure to break through to the masses was due partly to their musical eccentricities and mostly to the fact that they were in the right place at the wrong time. Like fellow theatrical rockers Sparks, Deaf School featured an enigmatic front man. Enrico Cadillac (born Steve Allen) sounded like a drunk, working-class Bryan Ferry and utilized the Roger Daltrey "My Generation"-stutter to perfection on tracks like "Get Set Ready Go" and "Hypertension Yeah Yeah Yeah." Their later recordings show a band positively sinking under the weight of too many instruments and an excess of great ideas, especially on the brutal "Working Girls" and the Elvis Costello-like "Refugee." They may not have achieved what they were capable of, but they nearly died trying. Modern day contemporaries like Stew, Pulp, and the Solipsistics continue to bob at the surface of the industry wading pool, not because they can't rise to the top, but because bands like Deaf School made halfway the coolest part of the swim. ~ James Christopher Monger

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. What a Way to End It All
  2. 2. Where's the Weekend?
  3. 3. Cocktails at 8
  4. 4. Bigger Splash
  5. 5. Knock Knock Knocking
  6. 6. 2nd Honeymoon
  7. 7. Get Set Ready Go
  8. 8. Nearly Moonlit Night Motel
  9. 9. Room Service
  10. 10. Hi Jo Hi
  11. 11. Snapshots
  12. 12. Final Act
  13. 13. Don't Stop the World
  14. 14. What a Jerk
  15. 15. Darling
  16. 16. Everything For the Dancer
  17. 17. Capaldi's Cafe
  18. 18. Hypertension
  19. 19. It's a Boy's World
  20. 20. Rock Ferry
  21. 21. Taxi
  22. 22. Operator
  23. 23. Last Night

CD: 2

  1. 24. Working Girls
  2. 25. Golden Showers
  3. 26. Thunder & Lightning
  4. 27. What a Week
  5. 28. Refugee
  6. 29. Ronnie Zamora
  7. 30. English Boys (With Guns)
  8. 31. All Queued Up
  9. 32. I Wanna Be Your Boy
  10. 33. Morning After
  11. 34. Fire
  12. 35. O. Blow
  13. 36. What a Way to End It All
  14. 37. Where's the Weekend?
  15. 38. Knock Knock Knocking
  16. 39. Final Act
  17. 40. It's a Boy's World
  18. 41. Capaldi's Cafe
  19. 42. What a Jerk
  20. 43. Hypertension
  21. 44. Working Girls
  22. 45. All Queued Up
  23. 46. English Boys
  24. 47. Ronnie Zamora

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