Das Oath (Dig)


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    Das Oath (Dig) Three One G

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Review Text Das Oath unleash the old-school fury right away on their self-titled release out on Dim Mak. Mixing an aggressive hardcore punk with an art/noise rock at speeds that will make your head spin, Das Oath conjure up short, fast tunes with old-school dive-bombs that whirl by quickly, making you want to jump into the pit and do the lawnmower. There are no real anthems here, but the obscure lyrics touch on many issues with a hint of cynicism and sarcasm thrown in to the 27 minutes of the disc. Das Oath are at their best when they add some math rock elements to their tunes, surprising you by switching from syncopated triplets into a floor-punch style, chump-down as in "Great News From the South Pole" or "Comatose Life of Wonderment." This is a solid debut full-length by the half New York/half Netherlands outfit Das Oath. ~ David Serra

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Reliquary
  2. 2. Scrapped
  3. 3. Twinkle in an Eye About to Be Blackened
  4. 4. Tropical Malady
  5. 5. Terror
  6. 6. Delight, And the Unendurable Pointlessness of Trying
  7. 7. Years of Veneers
  8. 8. All the Songs Have Been Sung

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