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    How We Do 0903 RTE / RT/Utr

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Review Text The rap game has changed significantly since the arrival of Das EFX on the scene over a decade ago with 1992's seminal Dead Serious. And if that seems like a long time, consider that the last time Das EFX released a new record was nearly five years ago, and things seem that much more distant. With How We Do, Dray and Skoob try and reestablish themselves as prominent fixtures in the hip-hop game. And while their trademark rap delivery was originally their ticket to notoriety, it is sadly absent throughout the majority of this record. Succumbing to the predictability of subjects such as hustling, women, sex, and murder, How We Do is simply a tedious exercise trying to pander to the lowest common denominator of hip-hop listener. Rather than attempt to raise the bar, or even meet the outstanding levels of early releases, it all seems like an attempt to regain acceptance by a community they believed forgot about them. And while there are moments of brilliance that still show they have the skills to justify their place in hip-hop history, they're simply too few and far between to make for a worthwhile listen. This one is for diehard Das EFX loyalists only, which is a shame, as it's a reminder of just how diluted rap and hip-hop can become at times. ~ Rob Theakston

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Intro - 1:49
  2. 2. Greezy - 4:57
  3. 3. Full Tyme Hussle - 4:12
  4. 4. Dro & Henne - 4:01
  5. 5. Memories Remain - 4:32
  6. 6. Diggy DAS - 4:15
  7. 7. G Music - 4:07
  8. 8. Get It Poppin' - 4:33
  9. 9. Jungle - 4:25
  10. 10. How We Do - 4:00
  11. 11. East Coast Husslaz - 3:28
  12. 12. Let's Get Money - 3:26
  13. 13. B.S.A.P. - 4:33

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