Too Old Too Cold


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    Too Old Too Cold Peaceville Records / Snapper

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Review Text This 2006 single release from one of the most important bands of the Norwegian black metal scene found them in a phase of changing gears drastically with the more Motörhead-influenced hard rock riffs and (relatively) coherent lyrics of title track "Too Old Too Cold." The punkier, rusty hard-rocking vibe of the song is miles away from the tormented blastbeats and frigid howls of their earlier material, but lyrically the band stays angry and antisocial as ever. The EP also includes a cover of Siouxsie and the Banshees' "Love in a Void" and an alternate version of their tune "Graveyard Slut," which would see release in a different recording that same year on Darkthrone's full-length The Cult Is Alive. ~ Fred Thomas

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  1. 1. Too Old Too Cold
  2. 2. High On Cold War
  3. 3. Love In a Void
  4. 4. Graveyard Slut
  5. 5. Bad Attitude

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