Teenage Angst (Early Sessions) (Uk)


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    Teenage Angst (Early Sessions) (Uk) Kissing Spell

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Review Text This British hard rock psychedelic trio may have created one mind-blowingly heavy record in the '70s, and this collection is a supplement to that album for hardcore enthusiasts who can't get enough. Teenage Angst is exactly that, lo-fi basement recordings of the group's formative years captured on tape in the raw. Hints at their later explosive sound bubble through the surface noise -- though primitive melancholia dominates the mood. Kissing Spell reissues a lot of great hidden treasures from the U.K. psychedelic underground -- many of which are magnificent. While this does have a charming intimate quality, it may be a bit too thorough to consider documenting. However, the fastidious collector of such music will be thrilled. ~ Skip Jansen

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. In the Sky
  2. 2. Wasting Your Time
  3. 3. Could Have Sworn
  4. 4. Maypole
  5. 5. R.C.8
  6. 6. All Through the Night
  7. 7. I'm Not Sad
  8. 8. Maypole
  9. 9. Bad Taste
  10. 10. Grey Man
  11. 11. Cloud of Unknowing

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