Black Beauty Soundtra 794


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    Black Beauty Soundtra 794 Warner Bros.

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Review Text With Black Beauty, Danny Elfman reached the end of the classically influenced orchestral period that defines his scores of the early '90s -- a lushly melodramatic work rich with sweeping strings and robust brass, it effortlessly evokes the grace and majesty of Anna Sewell's famed equine hero at full gallop. While Black Beauty boasts the epic scale so integral to much of Elfman's work, it also possesses a levity well-matched to the family-friendly story -- indeed, rarely if ever has the composer written themes so genuinely warm and upbeat. It's a shame Elfman would abandon the orchestral idiom soon after -- if anything, Black Beauty suggests he was just hitting his stride. ~ Jason Ankeny

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Main Titles
  2. 2. Baby Beauty
  3. 3. Gang on the Run
  4. 4. Mommy
  5. 5. Jump for Joy
  6. 6. Kicking Up a Storm
  7. 7. Dance_bye Merrylegs
  8. 8. Sick
  9. 9. He's Back (Revival)
  10. 10. Frolic
  11. 11. Ginger Snaps
  12. 12. Goodbye Joe
  13. 13. Wild Ride_dream
  14. 14. Is It Joe_
  15. 15. In the Country
  16. 16. Poor Ginger!
  17. 17. Bye Jerry_ Hard Times
  18. 18. Memories
  19. 19. End Credits

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