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    Honesty Boardwalk

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Review Text Unlike Mayfield's more well-known work in the 1970s, his 1980s material is more soulful than funky. Songs like "Hey Baby (Give It All to Me)" and "Still Within Your Heart" are missing the hard-hitting urban commentary and focus instead on a romantic vibe similar to love songs by Al Green, Barry White, and Marvin Gaye. No clunkers here, but "Dirty Laundry'" is an outstanding track, and one of Mayfield's best during the decade. Honesty is a soft, sensual album that transports the listener back to the days of the Impressions more than those of Superfly. ~ JT Griffith

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Hey Baby (Give It All to Me) - 5:43
  2. 2. Still Within Your Heart - 4:24
  3. 3. Dirty Laundry - 4:07
  4. 4. Nobody But You - 5:41
  5. 5. If You Need Me - 5:05
  6. 6. What You Gawn Do? - 5:25
  7. 7. Summer Hot - 5:13

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