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    Paradise Vetoed CD Baby

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Review Text My intent with Paradise Vetoed was to showcase a reasonably wide range of musical styles while still maintaining a tenuous grasp on coherence. To illustrate, here are a few words on each track: 'Pod People' is a straight ahead 4-piece tongue in cheek alt-rocker based on a podcast theme I wrote. 'The Statue' is a toe-tapping rock ode to the life cycle of one-way relationships. 'Clay' is all guitars and brooding. Down with... things!! 'M3 -Automaton' is a dance tune dealing with temptation. Bonus points for figuring out what 'M3' stands for! 'N1EN3' is essentially a pop tune about dependency. 'Half the Distance' instrumentation is low-tech and includes a Mexican Drinking Glass, and UDU drum, and a djembe, so of course it's all about the dangers of Facebook! 'Dropped the Ball' is a synth/pop/rock tune about my inherent inability to recognize when people are interested in me. 'Woundup Here' is an unapologetic dance tune. Except in this line, where I feel I need to apologize. Sorry! 'Same Old Song (acoustic)' is a 3/4 time folk ode to platonic friendship. 'Too' is a guitar driven open letter to toxic folks. 'Paradise Vetoed' is a jazz/funk track whose name was too cool to not make the album title. 'Media Gods' is fun anti-media alt-rock. 'Grind Parade' is an acoustic guitar piece about the the psychological weight of inertia and the choices we make. 'Peasin'' is a thrashy LA rocker about earnest and heartfelt mild infidelity. Think Positive K's 'I Got A Man' but with loads more guitar... and singing... and no hip-hop. 'Consonance' is an semi-orchestral tune continuing a conversation I had with my father a while ago... I've been dreaming of making an album for longer than I care to say, so the songs that made the cut for Paradise Vetoed have truly grown up with me. They're like younger siblings in a way. I hope you find a couple on this album that speak to you!!

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