Crimson Romance


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Often written off as just another Poverty Row effort featuring a fallen-from-grace Erich Von Stroheim, Mascot Pictures' Crimson Romance is actually a slick, entertaining little drama about broken dreams and dashed ideals. When World War I breaks out, a pair of German/American lads (Ben Lyon and Hardie Albright) return to their parents' homeland to sign up with the Kaiser's air force. Complications ensue when America enters the conflict. Lyon cannot reconcile himself with killing his own countrymen and joins the American side, while Albright remains loyal to Germany. After Albright is shot down, Lyon consoles the fallen aviator's girl friend Sari Maritza. The relationship blossoms into love, and soon Lyon and Maritza are wed. They attend the funeral of Albright, where the dead boy's mother delivers an impassioned anti-war speech. And where is Erich Von Stroheim? He's typecast as a brutal German commandant, albeit one with a mordant sense of humor. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

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