More Crazy Hits (Ultimate Edition) (Asia)


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    More Crazy Hits (Ultimate Edition) (Asia) WEA

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Review Text "He's lean, he's mean, and he's green!" says the intro track to Crazy Frog's second album, More Crazy Hits, overlooking that his odd powder-blue shade is part of the Frog's craziness. Crazy Hits featured about an equal amount of Crazy Frog's vocal stylings and session vocalists, but this time around, the Frog is almost completely relegated to the sidelines. Much like the Kidz Bop Kids, who merely sing backup on their namesake collections of pop covers, Crazy Frog only contributes the odd "ding a dang dong" here and there on More Crazy Hits' 11 songs. Amazingly, Crazy Frog didn't exhaust the supply of novelty dance hits on his first album; the versions of "Cotton Eyed Joe," "Ice Ice Baby," and "Blue" -- a song that was almost all babble to begin with -- that appear here are just as silly as the songs on Crazy Hits. It's not until the album's last track, "Copa Banana," that Crazy Frog finally gets to really unleash a stream of his trademark gibberish, but there are a few bright moments elsewhere: the World Cup-friendly version of "We Are the Champions" and "Rock Steady" keep it simple and stupid, while the sheer weirdness of hearing the early-'60s pop classic "Hey Baby" reworked as novelty Euro-dance makes it another highlight. ~ Heather Phares

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