Tranquility Of The Sounds Of Nature


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    Tranquility Of The Sounds Of Nature Independent

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Review Text In the excitement of big cities, people need time for the comfort and leisure of nature. Many people believe that constant contact with nature reinforces energies and balances human beings, bringing them peace of mind. And Corciolli seems to believe it also, beginning with the cover art. For this work, he records several sounds of nature, and each title track is represented by one natural element. The musician used piano, water (rain, sea, river, lake); whale and dolphin sounds; and bird, forest, and insect sounds accompanied by soft melodies in order to create a quietness, tranquility, and peaceful interior ambience. Mainly, the music is piano with nature sounds. This is the ninth CD of Tudo Azul series (devoted to healing and meditation). ~ Cesar Lanzarini

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Passarinhos - 10:08
  2. 2. Água - 7:52
  3. 3. Floresta - 9:20
  4. 4. Mar - 9:43
  5. 5. Golfinhos and Baleias - 9:25
  6. 6. Chuva - 10:02

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