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    Continuing Story Of Radar Love MCA
    1. Continuing Story Of Radar Love (Hol) Red Bullet
    2. Continuing Story Of Radar Love MCA

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Review Text The Continuing Story of Radar Love is a 12-song hits collection from Dutch rock band Golden Earring, containing both the chug-a-long rock staple "Radar Love" and the full eight-minute version of "Twilight Zone." These two songs are the most renowned on this compilation and both cracked the Top 20, with "Radar Love" hitting number 13 in 1974 and "Twilight Zone" peaking at number ten nine years later. The other ten songs on the album consist of long, heavy guitar-filled runs that surround obscure lyrics, sometimes sounding like modern psychedelia. Some of the songs, like "The Vanilla Queen" and "Mad Love's Comin'" harbor a distinguishable progressive edge, thanks to woven keyboard and guitar interplay. A mild blues and rock feel creep into such tunes as "Candy's Going Bad" and "Lost and Found" but fail to ignite any type of serious musical flare compared to their two singles. Much of Golden Earring's music consists of average rock riffs that are either sped up or slowed down by accompanying synthesizer, helped along by the mysteriousness of Barry Hay's voice. Even though this compilation is a dozen songs deep, it still holds as a worthy best-of. ~ Mike DeGagne

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Radar Love - 6:22
  2. 2. Vanilla Queen - 9:15
  3. 3. Candy's Going Bad - 6:12
  4. 4. She Flies on Strange Wings - 7:22
  5. 5. Ce Soir - 6:16
  6. 6. Mad Love's Comin' - 8:45
  7. 7. Leather - 5:00
  8. 8. Clear Night Moonlight - 4:33
  9. 9. Lost and Found - 4:55
  10. 10. Devil Made Me Do It - 3:20
  11. 11. Quiet Eyes - 4:12
  12. 12. Twilight Zone - 8:55

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