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    Constant (Uk) Epitaph
    1. Constant Epitaph
    2. Constant (Uk) Epitaph

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Review Text Their fourth studio album (and second for indie giant Epitaph), The Constant finds Story of the Year making a comfortable return to the modern post-hardcore landscape. Like their last album, The Black Swan, the band seems to have settled into their own sound, effortlessly blending in touches of metal, pop-punk, and power pop to give the listener something that’s more eclectic and engaging than the usual collection of anthemic rock that’s become so common within the genre. “Remember a Time” takes a trip back to the ‘90s with a high-flying chorus that feels like an homage to Blue Album-era Weezer with its sugary sweet lead guitars and vocal harmonies. On other parts of the album, the band pulls off almost the opposite effect. On “Won Threw Ate” and “To the Burial,” angst-filled vocals and thundering, metal-influenced riffage attempt to bowl the listener over in a d-beat driven frenzy. While Story of the Year may not be doing too much experimenting with their sound these days, they’ve more than shown their consistency as solid songwriters. With its driving guitars and massive choruses, The Constant is yet another highly catchy album from Story of the Year that will easily live up to their fans' expectations while making converts out of those unfamiliar with them. ~ Gregory Heaney

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. The Children Sing
  2. 2. The Ghost of You and I
  3. 3. I'm Alive
  4. 4. To the Burial
  5. 5. The Dream Is Over
  6. 6. Remember a Time
  7. 7. Holding on to You
  8. 8. Won Threw Ate
  9. 9. Ten Years Down
  10. 10. Time Goes On
  11. 11. Eye for an Eye

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