Future Is Medium (Uk)


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    Future Is Medium (Uk) One Little Indian

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Review Text Not as heavy, proud, and mighty as Comforter, but Compulsion's Future Is Medium is just as edgy and takes more chances. One of the more interesting albums of the year, it's sort of like Guided by Voices LPs in that it covers so much territory and gathers a sort of mad momentum with its different styles converging. And certainly, Future is chock-full of hot moments, such as "Juvenile Scene Detective." Don't miss; even if the import route turns out to be the only one. ~ Jack Rabid

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. All We Heard Was a Dull Thud
  2. 2. Question Time For the Proles
  3. 3. Juvenile Scene Detective
  4. 4. It's Great
  5. 5. They're Breeding the Grey Things Again
  6. 6. Fast Songs
  7. 7. Western Culture Collection
  8. 8. Happy Monsters
  9. 9. Belly Laugh
  10. 10. Is This Efficient Living-
  11. 11. Down the Edifice
  12. 12. Happy Ending
  13. 13. Burst
  14. 14. Lost on Abbey Road
  15. 15. Spotlight Into Space
  16. 16. Me

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