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    Signals From The Heart293 SOAR/Sound Of America

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Review Text The Common Man Singers are composed of eight men and one female vocalist, whose chanting is rich, impassioned and exciting. The group has translated a collection of Lakota love songs and sings them in English. It is surprising at first to hear and understand these songs done with traditional drumming and chanting melodies. As the music proceeds, however, we readily appreciate these earthy songs: "Many a Time," "I've Taken a Wife," "The Gate.". It is an integral part of Lakota culture that The Common Man Singers share with us. ~ MusD

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. I'll Be Waiting
  2. 2. Letter
  3. 3. My One and Only
  4. 4. Everytime I See You
  5. 5. Lovesick Blues
  6. 6. Are You Married?
  7. 7. Many a Time
  8. 8. Last Time I Saw You
  9. 9. Why Don't You Look at Me?
  10. 10. I've Taken a Wife
  11. 11. Brother-In-Law
  12. 12. Gate

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