Coming Out Of The Fog


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    Coming Out Of The Fog Thrill Jockey

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Review Text Calling something neo-classic rock might seem faintly ridiculous -- admittedly, it probably is. But the 21st century has served up a variety of those approaches in any number of corners, and Arbouretum's Coming Out of the Fog is the latest in something of a new long tradition. Things start on a more stately and stirring approach with "The Long Night" rather than, say, arena boogie, but the quality of Dave Heumann's singing voice and the warm feeling of the arrangement, not to mention the demi-shred soloing over the rhythm section's careful pace, make for a good listen. It's a fine enough start, and the immediately following "Renouncer" might do all that even better, down to a solo that could almost be something from Robert Smith as from early-'70s riffage days. But while there are some changes in pace here and there -- the quicker, tenser "The Promise"; the piano-led title track that concludes the album; the short, fierce instrumental "Easter Island" -- generally the album is a bit of a blur, shifting moods here and there without fully distinguishing itself track by track. As a uniform experience it's not so bad, but it's not as distinct or strong a collection as it could be. "Oceans Don't Sing," with its softly melancholic start and gentle vocal, stands out as a bit of calm balladry, a bit of steel guitar bringing in some country/cosmic American music feeling. ~ Ned Raggett

Track Listing

Record: 1

  1. 1. Long Night
  2. 2. Renouncer
  3. 3. Promise
  4. 4. Oceans Don’t Sing
  5. 5. All At Once, The Turning Weather
  6. 6. World Split Open
  7. 7. Easter Island
  8. 8. Coming Out Of The Fog

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