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Vivaldi/ Oggier/ Ensemble Fratres - Pan Flute Concertos

Vivaldi/ Oggier/ Ensemble Fratres - Pan Flute Concertos

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Vivaldi flute concertos, played on... pan flute! The pan flute in it's present form originates from 17th century Rumania, mostly used as a folk music instrument. However the use of the pan flute in "classical" Baroque music is by no means an abomination. The improvisatory character, the organic way of tone production which is regulated by the intensity of the breath of the player suit Vivaldi's music perfectly, his scores invite for passionate, declamatory and improvising music making! This recording by pan flute player Hanspeter Oggier and his ensemble Fratres present a spectacular performance of some of the best loved flute concertos by Vivaldi, notably La Notte and Il Gardellino. Theatrical, dramatic, brimming with vitality, suspense and fun they shed a completely new light on these masterpieces!

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