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Rossi/ Riccardo Castagnetti - Music for Organ & Harpsichord

Rossi/ Riccardo Castagnetti - Music for Organ & Harpsichord

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Michelangelo Rossi (1601-56) held several important posts as court composer and musician in Rome and Modena. The "Toccate e correnti d'intavolaturad'organo e cimbalo", his only published work, is an important opus in the Italian keyboard tradition of Frescobaldi and others. Madrigal composers including Sigismondo d'India and notably Gesualdo greatly influenced Rossi. Riccardo Castagnetti, a noted scholar and musician, plays on the 1565 Antegnati organ of the Basilica of Santa Barbara in Mantua, and on a Vanini harpsichord, a copy after a Grimaldi of 1697 on these world premiere recordings.

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