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Karen Verros - You Just Gotta Know My Mind / Karen's Theme

Karen Verros - You Just Gotta Know My Mind / Karen's Theme

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First issued on the Dot label in 1965, Karen Verros' recording of 'You Just Gotta Know My Mind' is one of the most popular and in-demand tracks ever to appear on Ace Records' "Girls With Guitars" compilation series. Pressings of the hopelessly rare original exist in two variants, one 20 or so seconds shorter than the other. This new Ace release features the longer of the two versions. 'Karen's Theme' on the B-side is the 'You Just Gotta Know My Mind' backing track, with added freakbeat guitar in place of Karen's vocal. An original copy, in the unlikely event one should become available for sale, is likely to carry a hefty asking price. Designed to resemble a small-run mid-60s acetate pressing, rather than a replica Dot label, this very welcome addition to Ace's catalogue of 7-inch vinyl singles should set punters back about the cost of a bottle of cheap plonk

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