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Eva Scow / Dusty Brough - Sharon By the Sea

Eva Scow / Dusty Brough - Sharon By the Sea

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For high quality folky Latin jazz played on acoustic, stringed instruments, you really can't go wrong with this album. An eclectic mix of mandolin, violin, Rhodes, guitars, pandeira (a type of drum with tambourine jingles on it), a multitude of other percussive and melodic devices bring these vibrant tunes to life. 'Theoretically Speaking' is not only a marvelous display of dexterity from Eva Scow and Dusty Brough, but also would be great practice for music students to try to play along with. It's highly melodic but not distracting, while serving as testimony to the skill of the players. And while many of the songs stay mostly in a fairly Latin based milieu, songs like the 'Gypsy Wagon Crash', explores the gypsy sound that Django fans will love. What makes this album unique is it's captivating blend of genres, part folk, part jazz, part Latin, part gypsy, and wholly individual when you put it all together. Fans of Pink Martini and Buena Vista Social Club will find something to love here. CDBABY An Intricate fusion of jazz, Brazilian and classical music that speaks to the best of each genre, SHARON BY THE SEA features the amazing talents of Eva Scow ( mandolin and violin ) and Dusty Brough ( guitars ), two rising stars on the west coast acoustic music scene. On SHARON BY THE SEA, Eva and Dusty have surrounded themselves with a group of musicians whose adventurous spirits match their own, including bassist Kevin Freeby, percussionist John Martin, Javon Davis on keyboards and Mark Summers on keyboards. Honoring the tradition of their musical roots while exploring the boundaries of improvisation, Eva who has performed and recorded with such legendary artists as Mike Marshall, David Grisman, Edgar Meyer and Bela Fleck and Dusty whose resume ranges from work with artists as diverse as Jesse Cook and Michael Buble has designed a unique landscape of melody and rhythm, rich in atmosphere and texture.

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