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Chie Imaizumi - Unfailing Kindness

Chie Imaizumi - Unfailing Kindness

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The music of pianist Chie Imaizumi is filled with haunting melodies that will stay with you and paint pictures in your mind. Her complex rhythms and harmonies make you want to dance around with joy. Her debut recording, Unfailing Kindness features an all star band with Gary Smulyan, Greg Gisbert, Ron Miles and other Capri luminaries. The music is uniquely beautiful and can be best described as "Happy Hardcore". Chie was awarded the Herb Pomeroy award for Jazz Composition in 2003 and performed at the 2004 North Sea Jazz Festival in the Hague, Netherland. Her compositions have been performed at the IAJE Conference, the Regattabar Jazz Festival, the New Music Festival, and the Berklee Jazz Festival, just to name a few.

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