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Bayerische Staatsope

Bach/ Opercussion - Original Grooves

Bach/ Opercussion - Original Grooves

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In 2023, the Bayerisches Staatsorchester celebrates it's 500th birthday with a selection of releases featuring outstanding musical collectives which showcase the stunning breadth of the orchestra and it's members. Kicking off the series are the percussionists of the Bayerisches Staatsorchester with their group OPERcussion, founded in 2009. Original Grooves takes listeners on a journey back to the origins and traditions of rhythm. While timpani have belonged to the standard musical equipment of the Bayerisches Staatsorchester since 1600, percussion, the newest discrete group of instruments, was not included until 1925. Since the mid-19th century, percussion instruments have increasingly enriched the overall sound of orchestras with vibrant local flavour. In Latin America, it's percussive tradition is notably an integral part of both religious ritual and popular dances, featuring in a multitude of guises and playing techniques: A tango is very different from a bolero, while a samba from Rio de Janeiro is nothing like a Cuban son. This album aims to present the original rhythms of Latin America and the melding of cultures as authentically as possible.

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