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Ado - Ado's Utattemita Album (Deluxe First Press Limited Edition)

Ado - Ado's Utattemita Album (Deluxe First Press Limited Edition)

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Ado's first 'Utattemita' album will be released!We are soliciting Vocaloid songs and J-POP songs that we would like Ado to sing, and we have included a total of 10 songs from among the many requests we received.From the latest Reiwa songs to Showa pop songs, singer Ado's ambitious works that transcend the era!The first limited edition comes with an acrylic stand in the shape of Ado in the jacket photo and asticker sheet designed with the songs on the album in mind.[First limited edition goods contents]'Ado acrylic stand + Utattemita sticker sheet'Ado acrylic stand: Height 140mm x Width 121.5mm x Thickness 3mmSticker sheet: Height 118mm x Width 118mm

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