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Ace of Cups - It's Bad For You But Buy It!

Ace of Cups - It's Bad For You But Buy It!

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One of the most heartwarming reunions of recent times has been the re-emergence of the Ace of Cups, the pioneering all-women band that memorably graced the stages of the San Francisco psychedelic ballrooms in late 1960s, yet never got a chance to make a record. With their decades-overdue debut album garnering much in the way of plaudits, there has been renewed interest in "It's Bad For You But Buy It", the Big Beat anthology that first introduced the world to the music of this remarkable outfit back in 2003. Previously a full-length CD, we now offer a distilled vinyl version of this much-loved compilation of vintage demos, rehearsals and live tracks dating from 1968 and 1969, focusing on tracks cut by the original Ace of Cups five-piece. The youthful wit, energy and soul on display on cuts like 'Glue,' 'Circles' and 'Music' continues to resonate, explaining why the group was rated by no less than Jimi Hendrix and are fondly recalled by all who encountered them. This attractive new vinyl package comes with a detailed band history and boasts an alternative, previously unissued performance of the song 'Simplicity' to that of the CD version. Makes both a great introduction for the Ace of Cups novice, or a renewed opportunity for the aficionado to sample this unique group's many charms. 180g black vinyl with thick card sleeve.

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