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Donovan Plant & the Leaves - Night Feel Good Ep

Donovan Plant & the Leaves - Night Feel Good Ep

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Former San Francisco private detective Donovan Plant spent nearly two decades chasing leads and tailing cheaters before returning to his musical roots in 2011. Since then, he has released two solo records, and now with the band he formed in 2018, DONOVAN PLANT & THE LEAFS present their new 3-song EP NIGHT FEEL GOOD! Citing influences such as David Bowie, The Cars, and Jackson Brown, Donovan's keen ear for hooks and melody is on full display with NIGHT FEEL GOOD, recorded inside the world-famous Hyde Street Studios at Dreamrack Studios by producer and engineer Trent Berry. With his group that includes drummer Lliam Hart (Information Society/Wire Train), bassist Mike Henry (Minus One) and lead guitarist Jason Rojek (Sugar Crash), Donovan Plant blends rock, country, and pop with lyrics inspired by the city.

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