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Monteverdi/ Lisi/ Dozio/ Mugnai - Il Ritorno Di Ulisse in Patria

Monteverdi/ Lisi/ Dozio/ Mugnai - Il Ritorno Di Ulisse in Patria

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The work was produced with the Virtual Stage system, the innovative method that features new blended methods, between real and virtual, between philology and technology, applied to the operatic setting for both audio and scene through multitrack recording. The voice cast consists of young talents headed by virtuoso tenor Leonardo de Lisi as Ulysses. The ensemble instrumental sees musicians prominent of the group Dutch Heliosphere, together with the flautist Marco Di Manno co-founder of the Ensemble, Dimitri Betti assistant to the continuo players musician and harpsichordist and Giacomo Benedetti on the organ, with the participation of the Juvenes Cantores choir of the Cathedral of Sarzana by Alessandra Montali. The musical direction of Federico Bardazzi combines the philological approach, which has always distinguished the interpretations of the Ensemble San Felice, with the development of innovative technological solutions capable of enhancing the sublime expressiveness of Monteverdi's masterpiece.
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