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Malo - Latin Bugaloo: The Warner Bros. Singles

Malo - Latin Bugaloo: The Warner Bros. Singles

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Drawn from their four long players, a series of singles were issued for radio airplay, the fi rst of which, "Sauvecito" was to be their biggest hit and has been called "The Chicano National Anthem." All fourteen A- and B-sides are gathered here on Latin Bugaloo: The Warner Bros. Singles for the fi rst time, including a single that was previously reported as having been assembled but never issued. That single, including the songs, "Pana (Single Version)" backed with "Just Say Goodbye (Single Version)" was in fact released, but only in Turkey. Because the length of Malo's album cuts could at times stretch to the near 10-minute mark, all the tracks selected for 7" release were edited for the format. Those edits appear here so Malo fans can hear the songs the way they originally heard them on the radio!
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