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Debussy/ Rautiola/ Hilpo - Gravity Groove

Debussy/ Rautiola/ Hilpo - Gravity Groove

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The saxophone, especially the alto saxophone, is not necessarily a very busy instrument in the symphony orchestra. However, in addition to it's formative tracks in jazz, in quite a few cases it has also left sound traces in the field of so-called "classical music" that are worth listening to. These traces are followed by the album "Gravity Groove" by the Finnish saxophonist Joonatan Rautiola. In addition to an interesting arrangement detour to Mozart's "Kegelstatt Trio", it also brings to life impressionistic or neo-classical gems such as Claude Debussy's Rhapsody for Alto Saxophone and Paule Maurice's Tableaux de Provence. With Charles Wuorinen's Divertimento and the title sonata by Tuomas Turriago, "Gravity Groove", Rautiola enters contemporary sound spheres with virtuosity and tonal refinement.
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