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Divine Art

Cooman/ Simmons - Organ Music 8 / Zephyr

Cooman/ Simmons - Organ Music 8 / Zephyr

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Carson Cooman is many things musical - organist and Composer in Residence at the Memorial Church, Harvard University, writer, critic and consultant, concert organist, and above all a highly prolific composer of music in a wide variety of genres, from orchestral to song. His organ compositions come in many styles, from liturgical models, to more gritty and substantial pieces such as his organ symphonies and preludes and fugues. The music in this programme, most of which was composed in 2016 and 2017, is varied and consists of a delightful mix of secular concert works and liturgically based pieces. Erik Simmons is a fine organist, making his eighth Cooman organ album for Divine Art. He is playing the Rosales organ of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Portland, Oregon, recorded through the Hauptwerk system. This is volume 8 of this highly praised series. Previous volumes have been heralded as momentous and groundbreaking by fans and critics alike.
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