Rapunzel (Jpn)


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    Rapunzel (Jpn) Jvc Victor

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Review Text Continuing with her moody brand of hard rock while looking like a waif-like flower child, Cocco plays it safe on her third album, maybe a bit too much. The centerpiece, however, is a most beautiful rock ballad, "Jukai no Ito (Thread in the Deep Forest)," romantic, heavy, and lush; so beautiful, in fact, that the other tracks can't help but fail to match it in melody, texture, and dynamics. More often than not, Cocco's self-penned songs devolve into rock thrashabouts, where the sound gets muddy and Cocco turns herself up to 11. This would be fine if it didn't feel like a crutch for a melody that isn't going much of anywhere, which it usually does. "Polomerria" and "Shinayakana Udo No Inori (Prayer for Soft Arms)" are the winners here, which show what Cocco is capable of when the rock elements are used with the push-pull style to match the songwriting. ~ Ted Mills

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CD: 1

  1. 1. Japanese Title
  2. 2. Japanese Title
  3. 3. Japanese Title
  4. 4. Japanese Title
  5. 5. Japanese Title
  6. 6. I Was on My Birthday Night
  7. 7. Japanese Title
  8. 8. Japanese Title
  9. 9. Japanese Title
  10. 10. Japanese Title
  11. 11. Japanese Title
  12. 12. Japanese Title

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