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Review Text Although Irène Schweizer has evolved (grown? graduated?) from her days as a radical free improviser where intensity was her forte, if not her mission, she is still largely identified and best known for her work as a powerful, creatively forceful soloist, a part of her persona that she returns to now and then. This duo recording features her softer side as part of a duo led by fellow Swiss saxophonist and longtime collaborator Co Streiff, who wrote most of the pieces. Streiff's attractively simple melodies set the framework for her appealingly mellifluous sounds on sax, while a subdued Schweizer is the near-perfect accompanist. Many of the pianist's many fans will undoubtedly prefer her wild side and may even be somewhat disappointed with the mild nature of her work here, but there is no questioning its consummate good taste or quality performance. Streiff impresses with her focus and discipline, though she does not stand out for technical virtuosity. Occasionally, the saxophonist lets loose, though never merely for effect. The two performers seem to enjoy their time together, with the pianist listening very closely to the nuances of the moment. All in all, a satisfying set that provides plenty of enjoyable moments. ~ Steven Loewy

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Bea Be Good - 4:10
  2. 2. Her Womb Had a Window - 6:12
  3. 3. They're Coming Down - 5:52
  4. 4. Fragment for an Old Friend - 4:42
  5. 5. For Sabina - 3:27
  6. 6. Mond Ballade 2 - 4:18
  7. 7. Forward to Start Again! - 3:14
  8. 8. Twin Lines - 5:24
  9. 9. So Oder So - 6:11
  10. 10. Good Bye, Matthew - 4:48
  11. 11. Five Dark Days - 5:07

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