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    Mirror Of Truth 0804 JLP Productions

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Review Text In the years between the release of her second solo album, The Embrace, and her current release, the classically trained pianist -- and daughter of violin great Jean-Luc Ponty, who appears throughout Mirror of Truth -- performed twice in India. The percussive influence of that culture, which she was initially exposed to via the extensive global-minded musical experiences of her father, touches on two of the best tracks here. Her piano performance on "Glimpses of Paradise" is mystical and hypnotic, a feeling further enhanced by the subtle percussion textures of Taffa Cisse. The title track and "Atlantis" have more vibrant, jazzy attitudes and more pronounced rhythm by Cisse, combined with Clara Ponty's own wordless vocalizing, the double bass of Jeremy Lewis, and shades of Jean-Luc's violin (which kindly never overshadow the piano). The haunting "Autumn Bells" and "The Paths to Wisdom" are beautiful reminders of a torch being passed, as Jean-Luc contributes to the building drama in a harmonic role as Clara develops the main themes. Ponty also includes a few solo piano numbers whose simple beauty and memorable melodies makes them instant new age-styled classics. ~ Jonathan Widran

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Glimpses of Paradise - 5:37
  2. 2. In Quest of New Horizons - 4:57
  3. 3. Mirror of Truth - 3:24
  4. 4. Autumn Bells - 4:08
  5. 5. Last Romantics - 3:05
  6. 6. Joyous Awakening - 3:06
  7. 7. Atlantis - 4:30
  8. 8. Time to Say Farewell - 3:02
  9. 9. In the Shadow of Stars - 5:51
  10. 10. Paths to Wisdom - 4:41
  11. 11. Serenity - 3:02
  12. 12. Cry of the Forest - 3:09

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