De Miles A Uno 1211


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    De Miles A Uno 1211 Universal Music Latino

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Review Text Almost a decade after Kelly Clarkson was crowned the first American Idol, 22-year-old Puerto Rican singer Christian Pagán stormed to victory on his Puerto Rican homeland's first ever series, hence this rush-released first offering, De Miles a Uno. Adopting the simple formula of most countries' winners' debuts, its ten tracks focus largely on the material he performed during the show's 12-week run, with studio versions of songs originally recorded by some of Puerto Rico's most famous musical talents, including Rafael Hernandez on the string-soaked bossa nova of opener "Lamento Borincano" and Ricky Martin on the emotive balladry of "Vuelve," sitting alongside covers of tropical pop classics from Venezuelan Franco de Vita ("Un Buen Perdedor") and the Dominican Republic's Juan Luis Guerra ("Bachata Rosa"). While the likes of José Luis Perales' "¿Y Cómo Es Él?" and Luis Fonsi's "Me Matas" allow him to showcase the smooth romantic tones that endeared him to judges and audiences alike, it's the new material that proves to be the most enjoyable. Winner's single "Hoy Es Mi Momento" is a slinky slice of Latin pop that thankfully eschews the standard acoustic faux-rock treatment dished out to most Idols, while "Por Eso Me Voy," a stripped-back acoustic duet with judge Erika Ender, and "Navidad Es Amor," a festive collaboration with runner-up Japhet Albert, shows he can now compete with more experienced performers as well as his counterparts. De Miles a Uno sounds exactly like you'd expect it to, but there's enough potential here to suggest that Pagán can keep the momentum going once he's stepped off the Idol treadmill. ~ Jon O'Brien

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Lamento Borincano - 3:39
  2. 2. Bachata Rosa - 3:30
  3. 3. Hoy Es Mi Momento - 4:45
  4. 4. Por Eso Me Voy - 4:55
  5. 5. Buen Perdedor - 2:20
  6. 6. ¿Y Cómo Es Él? - 2:09
  7. 7. Vuelve - 2:59
  8. 8. Me Matas - 2:22
  9. 9. Ten Fe - 5:30
  10. 10. Navidad Es Amor - 4:38

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