Path Of Sorrows


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    Path Of Sorrows Cleopatra

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Review Text Christian Death is an acquired taste, but a true connoisseur of the band's musical repertoire can quickly decipher what is recognized as its best and worst work. The Path of Sorrows is often heralded as one of the group's finest releases. It certainly has its moments, but a classic it is not. Sure, the campiness, kitsch-horror, raw rock sound, and intense drama that make Christian Death so compelling do shine at points, but too often the bandmembers stumble over their own drama. The late Rozz Williams, known for his Ziggy-era Bowie vampire-esque vocals, comes across a bit overbearing -- more so than usual. Christian Death works best when the raw sounds, dramatic vocals, effects, and flourishes work in unison, creating a raw, blistered energy; here the rigor mortis sets in too often. The best tracks, the spoken "Psalm (Maggot's Lair)," "Hour of the Wolf," "In Absentia," and a cover of the Velvet Underground's " "Venus in Furs" highlight what is missing throughout the rest of this release. "Mother" is a bit creepy and, while the music works, the lyrics are a bit overindulgent (e.g., "Mother could I come back to you/Mother could I come back through you"). If you keep the volume low, The Path of Sorrows could work to create a rainy day atmosphere, but for the most part this is for collectors only. Approach with caution. ~ Simon Cantlon

Track Listing

Record: 1

  1. 1. Psalm (Maggot's Lair)
  2. 2. Paths of Sorrows
  3. 3. Hour of the Wolf
  4. 4. In Absentia
  5. 5. Mother
  6. 6. Angels (Cruciform)
  7. 7. Book of Lies
  8. 8. Widow's Dream
  9. 9. Easter (In the Tombs)
  10. 10. Venus in Furs

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