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    Breakfast Pa / Warner Bros.

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Review Text In the post-Lil Wayne world of mixtape madness, debut albums serve to give the established fan a polished, official version of what they already know while letting your everyday Joe or Jane in on the secret. Add the Internet-age mixtape to the mix and nothing is secret for those who can right-click, so don't be surprised that the vibrant, fun, and fresh Breakfast sounds like a career already in progress. Here, the electro-loving, hip-hop crew Chiddy Bang are skipping the intro and celebrating success, busting out clever, almost-OutKast party numbers like "Ray Charles" or bleeping chip-tunes style on the very Atari "Baby Roulette." These playful diversions seem like second album stuff, plus "Mind Your Manners" isn't that "Opposite of Adults"-type calling card single that made their 2010 Preview EP so necessary, but the second-line tunes and deep tracks have grown in strength with the wistful soul-searcher "Talking to Myself" becoming a surprise key highlight. When the mighty "4th Quarter" declares "If you're feeling swelly, this is your anthem" it's spot-on, and if you're looking for that indie-style hook, "Handclaps & Guitars" is the Bon Iver-meets-André 3000 choice. The message behind the Kid Cudi-like "Out 2 Space" is "things are looking up" while "Whatever We Want" puts its aspirations right in the title, and suddenly it's as if Chiddy Bang decided their already in-tune fan base needed a vibrant, inspiration-themed effort, even if newcomers wind up wondering where these motivational speakers earned their cred. Check the Preview EP for a better introduction, but if you're a fan, Breakfast is a great way to start the day. ~ David Jeffries

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Intro
  2. 2. Breakfast
  3. 3. Handclaps & Guitars
  4. 4. Mind Your Manners
  5. 5. Ray Charles
  6. 6. Does She Love Me?
  7. 7. Run It Back
  8. 8. Out 2 Space
  9. 9. Whatever We Want
  10. 10. Interlude
  11. 11. Talking to Myself
  12. 12. Happening
  13. 13. Baby Roulette
  14. 14. 4th Quarter

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