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Review Text On 8 Track Stomp, the always-earthy Chickasaw Mudd Puppies are at their rawest and most convincing. Unlike other modern acts that attempt simply to re-create the sounds of backwoods country and blues, the Puppies go a step further and nail the attitude. Sure, there's tons of stomp board, tambourine, sloppily played lo-fi guitar, and random yelping, but, like Tom Waits, the group manages to employ these elements to create an entirely contemporary style of music. Unlike Waits, though, the Chickasaw Mudd Puppies aren't obsessed with an imagined pre-War American South populated solely by murderous drunks and demonic voodoo priestesses. In Chickasaw Mudd Puppy land it's all about the party. Every track on the album conjures up a great summer BBQ with lots of beer, lots of dancing, and lots of reefer. Fortunately or unfortunately, this approach doesn't exactly lend itself to a lot of memorable songs, but there's enough fun and variety to sustain the album as long as the listener isn't expecting a life-changing experience. Lyrically, Slay and Reynolds seem to pick words according more to sound than meaning, which, in addition to giving each tune an extra rhythmic kick, calls to mind early R.E.M. This makes sense, of course, since Michael Stipe produced the album and the Puppies are an Athens, GA, band. In fact, it's tempting to think that perhaps the mush-mouthed one is attempting to reclaim some of the elements of kudzu-covered Dixie mystery that his own band forsook in favor of mass popularity. Whatever the motivation, 8 Track Stomp is the perfect match for both the beginning and end of an August kegger. ~ Pemberton Roach

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Cicada
  2. 2. Jambalaya
  3. 3. Night Time
  4. 4. Moving So Fast
  5. 5. Wasp
  6. 6. Shannon Love Bisquit
  7. 7. Bill
  8. 8. Oh Yeah
  9. 9. Cold Blue
  10. 10. Omaha
  11. 11. Superior
  12. 12. Do You Remember
  13. 13. Words and Knives
  14. 14. #14

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