Joyful Noise 1191


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    Joyful Noise 1191 Blue Moon

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Review Text Few contemporary jazz drummers attempt to become solo artists, but the ones who have--Alex Acuna, Dave Weckl and Danny Gottlieb, for example--have succeeded quite well. Add Thompson to the list of those who have an amazing knack for melody and who know how to surround themselves with good players. A Joyful Noise is an appropriate title for this disc, which ranks as one of the most pleasurable contemporary jazz players of the early 90s. The energy level is high with the tropical jaunts of the first two cuts and keeps going throughout, climaxing with the R&B licks of "Jussa Thang" and "Cool Groove" be fore coolingdown with a rich and rewarding rendition of "Amazing Grace." A drummer's albums sometimes feature too much "in your face" slamming, but Thompson uses restraint. When the percussive all-skin "Drums are Loud" arrives, therefore, it's an interesting interlude. Only the title cut is a little corny; it's a pretty melody, but the choir like vocals seem a bit sentimental. No matter, this is one serious party disc. "Amazing Grace" sums up the spirit of all the joyful noises present. ~ Jonathan Widran

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Tropical Sunday - 5:05
  2. 2. So-Soka - 5:42
  3. 3. Homeland - 5:18
  4. 4. Drums Are Loud - 2:42
  5. 5. Joyful Noise - 4:54
  6. 6. Chunky - 5:51
  7. 7. Jussa Thang - 5:07
  8. 8. Cool Grove - 4:30
  9. 9. Raw - 5:25
  10. 10. Addatude - 5:26
  11. 11. Amazing Grace - 5:35

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