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    Sincero 0803 Sony Discos Inc. / Sony Music Distribution

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Review Text SINCERO is the latest in a long line of successful albums by this popular Latin singer and erstwhile soap opera star, who may be best known to U.S. audiences for his appearances on ALLY MCBEAL and his role opposite Vanessa Williams in the movie DANCE WITH ME. Cheyenne is very much in the mold of Ricky Martin or Enrique Iglesias (though he predates both), embodying elements of Martin's trademark uptempo appeal when the mood strikes him, though on SINCERO he seems more comfortable with Iglesias-style romantic balladry.Perhaps the most successful track in the latter vein is the sultry "Vaiven," with its percussion-rich verse morphing into a more traditional pop chorus, while the steamy "Caprichosa" is a cornucopia of Latin cross-rhythms held together by a rocking beat. While Chayanne's 11 previous albums have already proved his worth to millions of Latin fans, SINCERO contains that special combination of talent and timing that spells crossover success for this versatile performer.

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Sentada Aquí en Mi Alma - 4:02
  2. 2. Quédate Conmigo - 4:10
  3. 3. Caprichosa - 3:06
  4. 4. Siglo Sin Ti - 5:41
  5. 5. Vaivén - 5:33
  6. 6. Santa Sofía - 4:35
  7. 7. Cuidarte el Alma - 4:12
  8. 8. Mujer de Pedro - 5:37
  9. 9. Al Pan, Pan y Al Vino, Vino - 4:50
  10. 10. No Hay Mas - 3:25
  11. 11. Dulce y Peligrosa - 4:52
  12. 12. Caprichosa - 3:06

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