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    Attributed To Cerebral Co Alias Records

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Review Text An ultra-quirky slice of early '90s art rock, Attributed To Cerebral Corps is playful and weird, but it's also got a solid musical foundation. Singer-songwriters Jeff Saltzmann and Bob Vickers aren't interested in weird for weird's sake; the songs are sturdily melodic and lyrically substantial, so that oddball touches like the toy piano anchoring the opening "Sounding Song" are merely colorful details, not ends in themselves. Saltzmann wrote the majority of the songs, with Vickers adding only one, the sweetly power-poppy "Girl From the Carnival." (There's also an interesting pair of freakbeat covers, Fire's immortal "Father's Name Was Dad" and UK Kaleidoscope's "Music," odd choices for 1992.) Saltzmann's often-surreal lyrics and the unexpected left turns the songs often take give Attributed To Cerebral Corps a surface similarity to Brian Eno's early solo albums; the sometimes disjointed recordings (the result of bass and drum tracks, among other instruments, being added to Saltzmann and Vickers' vocal, guitar and keyboard parts after the fact) further the comparison. Attributed To Cerebral Corps, however, succeeds entirely on its own merits. It's a pity the duo never recorded a follow-up. ~ Stewart Mason

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. ...Sounding Song - 4:16
  2. 2. Very Idea! - 3:53
  3. 3. Chester Norman Criss-Cross - 4:46
  4. 4. Father's Name Was Dad - 3:46
  5. 5. Myopia - 6:09
  6. 6. Girl From the Carnival - 3:01
  7. 7. Music - 4:59
  8. 8. Inertia - 4:01
  9. 9. I'm Haemorrhaging (In F#) - 4:02
  10. 10. Perihelion - 4:30

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