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Review Text Where did Cellpan come from? On first listen, Cellpan seems to fall into the same genre as Cradle of Filth, Marylin Manson, Dimmu Borgir, or Mudvayne -- with the dark, vocalist-fronted metal band and heavy gothic, industrial overtones. Any similarities end there. You'll also hear a group that's heavily influenced by Piano Classical and R&B, adding soul to the soulless. Cellpan formed as a brutal hardcore metal band in Southwest Florida around 2001, back in a time when the safety blanket of America was violently ripped away. With that tear came simple freedoms and liberties people once had. Left in the wake was disillusionment, nihilism, fear, and chaos brought by superstitious and religious fears only existing in one's own mind. These themes raged outwards in the writing of the many initial demos. Cellpan's first studio work came in the form of Conception in 2005, which was a four song journey straight into the darkness where one became enveloped in a panic-driven mania of powerlessness. The most renown single, "Decimate," rocked local radio Meridian Broadcast and Clear Channel stations all throughout Florida. With jumpy guitar riffs, and melodic bass solos this song put the listener in the heart of a disease pleading with the frail human body that to resist infection is hopeless. Cellpan has now evolved into a unit that brings haunting, eerie, and omnipresence back into a genre so overrun with trite generalities and stereotypes. Jose not only utilizes bestial growls, but also melodically enchants the audience as he lulls his audience much like a snake charmer with a deadly cobra. Despite their underground local status in Florida, Cellpan finished their most recent, and highly successful, national tour in spring of 2006. They plan to briefly hit the national scene before releasing their upcoming full-length album.

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