Aren't You Dead Yet (Jpn)


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    Aren't You Dead Yet (Jpn) Tokuma Records

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Review Text Another year (2004), another album (Aren't You Dead Yet?), another ten songs spewing unremitting intensity…that's right, it's Carnal Forge time again. Tell you what: it's hard to believe such a chubby, almost cuddly group of Swedes can muster this much anger! But seriously, it must be the atypical three-guitar attack fueling the group's frantic neo-thrash, which stockpiles reams of staccato riffs while considering things like harmonies and melodies to be accessories of last resort. It's neck-snapping thrashers like "Decades of Despair," "The Strength of Misery," and the particularly face-melting "My Suicide" that rule the day here, proving that At the Gates remains a clear and inescapable source of inspiration for Carnal Forge (that intensity thing mentioned earlier). Bucking the trend for the sake of it, "Burn Them Alive" strikes a slower, more measured (if no less taught) brand of harmony-driven metal slightly reminiscent of the Gothenburg gang, and the surprisingly groovy "Exploding Veins" and "Totally Worthless" at times approach Entombed's rot & roll. Rather more forgettable are the borderline black metal of "Sacred Flames" and textbook thrashers like "Inhuman" and "Final Hour in Hell," which combine to form a very dull string midway through the record, and are only barely saved by the odd strong harmony bridge or blinding solo. But then, nobody's perfect, right? And, that unfortunate ten-minute span aside, Aren't You Dead Yet? represents another (here's that word again) reliable if not quite brilliant outing for Carnal Forge -- may there be many more. [Aren't You Dead Yet? also features two live video clips of the band performing old favorites "H.B.F. Suicide" and "Welcome to Your Funeral."] ~ Eduardo Rivadavia

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Decades of Despair
  2. 2. My Suicide
  3. 3. Burn Them Alive
  4. 4. Waiting for Sundown
  5. 5. Exploding Veins
  6. 6. Sacred Flame
  7. 7. Inhuman
  8. 8. Final Hour in Hell
  9. 9. Totally Worthless
  10. 10. Strength of Misery
  11. 11. Ruler of Your Blood

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