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    Carmen Sings Monk (Uk) RCA / Legacy
    1. Carmen Sings Monk (Uk) RCA / Legacy
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Review Text Carmen McRae, a good friend of Thelonious Monk, sang 13 of his songs (two of which are also heard in different live versions) on this memorable project. Half of the lyrics are by Jon Hendricks, while the remainder were written by Abbey Lincoln ("Blue Monk"), Bernie Hanighen, Sally Swisher, or Mike Ferro. On all but the two concert performances, McRae is assisted by tenor saxophonist Clifford Jordan, pianist Eric Gunnison, bassist George Mraz, and drummer Al Foster; Mraz's solos are particularly impressive, although everyone is in sensitive form. The live recordings give listeners two more chances to acknowledge the uniqueness of tenor saxophonist Charlie Rouse's tone. As for McRae, her phrasing has rarely sounded better than on this classic set, and it is a particular pleasure to hear her interpret the intelligent lyrics and unusual melodies. "Dear Ruby" ("Ruby, My Dear") and "Listen to Monk" ("Rhythm-A-Ning") are among the high points of the essential and very delightful CD. An inspired idea and one of the best recordings of Carmen McRae's career. ~ Scott Yanow

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Get It Straight [Remastered 2001]
  2. 2. Dear Ruby [Remastered 2001]
  3. 3. It's Over Now [Remastered 2001]
  4. 4. Monkery's the Blues [Remastered 2001]
  5. 5. You Know Who [Remastered 2001]
  6. 6. Little Butterfly [Remastered 2001]
  7. 7. Listen to Monk [Remastered 2001]
  8. 8. How I Wish... [Remastered 2001]
  9. 9. Man, That Was a Dream [Remastered 2001]
  10. 10. 'Round Midnight [Remastered 2001]
  11. 11. Still We Dream [Remastered 2001]
  12. 12. Suddenly [Remastered 2001]
  13. 13. Looking Back [Remastered 2001]
  14. 14. Suddenly [Studio Recording]
  15. 15. Get It Straight [Studio Recording]
  16. 16. 'Round Midnight [Alternative Version]
  17. 17. Listen to Monk [Alternative Take]
  18. 18. Man, That Was a Dream [Alternative Take]

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