Signore E Signori / O.S.T.


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    Signore E Signori / O.S.T. DIGITMOVIES

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Review Text This is a delightful score by one of Italy's most talented screen composers. Carlo Rustichelli has delivered a light-hearted jazz/pop romp of a soundtrack, dominated by organ, guitar, and bass, that bounces along, oozing inevitability and anticipation except where the love theme -- a slow, seductive guitar-driven instrumental that begs for some lyrics -- is concerned. It's worth owning by itself, even if one hasn't ever seen the movie, the music is that beguiling; it even has the virtue of not being overly memorable -- it is tuneful, to be sure, but it isn't anything that will run through one's head afterward, so much as the mood of the material, and the inevitable smile that comes with it, will linger on. ~ Bruce Eder

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