Tube Of The Resinated


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    Tube Of The Resinated Tankcrimes Records

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Review Text No, your peepers are not playing tricks on you. There is indeed a group out there called Cannabis Corpse, who are (rather expectedly, as judged by their name) huge fans of death metal veterans Cannibal Corpse, and also of the green bud. And as evidenced by their sophomore effort, 2008's Tube of the Resinated, the group is still gleefully fusing both elements together. Picture Cannibal Corpse grinding away, but instead of growling about scenes straight out of the Apocalypse, the lyrics are all paeans to marijuana. And as evidenced by the album's cover art (which sees tiny buds of marijuana taking over an old-time Egyptian city), the song titles ("Mummified in Bongwater," etc.), and the bandmembers' nom de plumes (Weedgrinder, LandPhil, HallHammer, and Nikropolis), the chaps certainly don't take themselves too seriously. And this stance works well for the group -- unlike your usual extreme metal band, Cannabis Corpse do not take themselves way too seriously and wind up looking like goons in the process. That said, without a lyric sheet, Cannabis Corpse sound like your average, hard-hitting death metal band. ~ Greg Prato

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