Quicker Than The Eye


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    Quicker Than The Eye Stanza

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Review Text Following on the heels of Broadway -- West Side Story, their well-received previous release with flutist Ali Ryerson, Cadwallader, Asetta & Dixson probe into the idea of magical ideas and images. With Quicker Than the Eye, pianist Rex Cadwallader, bassist Mike Asetta, and drummer Arti Dixson draw on contemporary influences like Chick Corea and the Yellowjackets as well as the smooth jazz sounds of Bob James and David Benoit to depict the illusions of the magical world. The Emmy-winning pianist/composer incorporates essential elements from the world of magic with song titles that give a hint to their back story. "Houdini,""Dirty Tricks," and "Prestidigitation" feature the pianist's thematic repetition and awesome solos. The 11 tracks encapsulate the art of the trio and are more than just a collection of studio recordings. The two-part "Now You See It..."/"...Now You Don't" is not only an in-the-pocket uptempo swing tune with a great straight-ahead groove and a repeating riff, but it also features a fresh, forward-oriented spirit. Top picks: "Quicker Than the Eye" (a great samba) and "White Doves & Purple Silk," which is one of the lovelier and more graceful pieces on the recording. ~ Paula Edelstein

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Quicker Than the Eye - 8:00
  2. 2. Now You See It - 4:45
  3. 3. My Lovely Assistant - 5:30
  4. 4. Prestidigitation - 6:25
  5. 5. Can You Keep a Secret? - 8:25
  6. 6. Houdini - 8:24
  7. 7. Nothing Up My Sleeve - 4:01
  8. 8. Dirty Tricks - 6:08
  9. 9. White Doves & Purple Silk - 6:55
  10. 10. ...Now You Don't - 7:50
  11. 11. My Lovely Assistant - 4:51

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