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Review Text There's been a staggering amount of Buddy Holly compilations issued over the years, and one of the first to be assembled in the early 21st century turned out to be 2002's Best Of. How do tracks recorded back in the '50s stand up nearly half-a-century later? Well, if they're Buddy Holly tunes, they hold up surprisingly well. The basis for many future rock genres can be traced back to Holly's tunes, especially whenever rock decides to get 'back to basics' every so often (rockabilly revival, punk, garage, etc.). The fact that Holly was able to pen and record music of such a high quality in such a short amount of time (and young age -- he was only 23 at the time of his passing), remains extremely impressive. Name a Holly classic and it's sure to be included on this smartly-compiled collection -- "That'll Be the Day," "Oh Boy!," "Maybe Baby," "Rave On," "True Love Ways" -- the test of great rock music is how it stands up years later, and Buddy Holly's tunes more than pass the test. Classic. Essential. Timeless. Get the picture? ~ Greg Prato

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