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    3 CD Baby

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Review Text Four years after their second full-length album Vectors -- and at a time when most people had forgotten about them -- Brian (Fraser) and Chris (Palmatier) released their comeback CD 3, introduced a few weeks earlier by a 12" EP also released on Dielectric. Fraser is first and foremost a drummer, while Palmatier's first credited instrument is the electric guitar, but they both touch dozens of instruments, making 3 a richly-arranged project, filled with real instruments and rock beats, despite the fact that they are still partly marketed as an electronic duo. The role of electronics is actually tenuous, limited to some drum programming (that never actually overshadows the acoustic drumwork), effects, keyboards and editing -- nothing more than what you would expect on a post-rock record. And post-rock is a tempting expression to label Brian and Chris' music, but they eschew the typical melancholia and slow tempi of the genre. Tracks like "Action Packed Vacation" and "Galatea" are upbeat, funky and shining -- Brian Wilson giving post-rock a try, perhaps? In fact, 3 is closer to the first albums by HIM, the Cinematic Orchestra, Jaga Jazzist and the likes. It makes excellent background music, but also offers an interesting up-close listen. More importantly, the music flows naturally, following its own curbs and leanings, unfolding its gorgeous arrangements and showing no interest for the quick college radio hit (the cuts are in the six- to eight-minute range) or dancefloor exposure. Some tracks, like "Crossing," show an interest in complex composition, while the closer "Sakura" is a disarmingly simple tune. 3 is not assertive enough to be striking, but it sure has enough qualities to sink your teeth into and enjoy for a long while. ~ François Couture

Track Listing

CD: 1

  1. 1. Action Packed Vacation - 6:05
  2. 2. Crossing - 4:10
  3. 3. Matin - 13:37
  4. 4. Hey Rube - 6:58
  5. 5. Galatea - 8:30
  6. 6. Sakura - 7:01

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