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Review Text 'Like Copernicus and Galileo, Jersey's own Chris Breetveld has been gifted with a vision to see far beyond the scope of his contemporaries...his melodies are impressively, aggressively original. I could go on and on about Breetveld. He may well be pop's savior. ' -AQUARIAN WEEKLY 'I was really impressed by Chris' last CD (Pop Go! The Breetles), but it didn't prepare me for this one. This collection of expertly-written, well-produced pure pop tunes reminds me of early 10CC and some of Roy Wood's early solo work. Chris has a superb knack for writing killer words and melodies...and his arrangements are INCREDIBLE' - BabySue. 'THE REAL KING OF POP THE BREETLES - POP GO!/ SPOOJ - CD'S' Well I know much about Pop.. was recently flooded with modern power pop..and I know a genius if I hear one... I know how difficult it is to write songs that are extremely intelligent and still catchy...always was a real fan of people like Roy Wood, Beach Boys, Godley & Creme (the real brains of 10cc), Beatles.. well all people that took pop to the level of real quality. And here is THE TOP ARTIST of that genre for the 90's !!! Chris Breetveld's work is almost unbelievable - each and every song is top quality. One song from Mr. Breetveld would be enough material for others to launch a whole career. So why isn't Mr. Breetveld toppin' today's charts? The answer is easy... The music is simply too intelligent! What a shame? NO - cool for you and me !! As soon as the sun starts to smile from the sky I put on The Breetles and then even the sun seems to dance... what a GREAT sound !!!FOR RADIO MARABU BY LORD LITTER,TRASH TONE STUDIO, BERLIN Message From: David Gregory, Swindon, ENGLAND Date: Tue, Nov 16, 1999, 2:15am (EST+5) To: RSM Subject: MooreMusicMooreMusicMooreMusic The Breetles disc is excellent, Chris knows what he's doing, I'll be going back to that. Duf Davis has a great style and is clearly a man not in any way obsessed. I enjoyed his CD whilst ironing this evening. Very good really. Thanks for the Fabs. Have you figgered out what song they're playin'? That's another great compendium of covers you've remoulded Krys, very intriguing. Lay it on our ass SOON, y'hear? I go to bed now. I tired... Davey G. Hailed as a master work by insane pop perverts across the world. '...this is what can only be described as 'Breetle-esque'...overall, this is a smart and refreshing album. Witty and intelligent...' - PopSided. As for 'SPOOJ' (what does that mean by the way?) it's a classic. 'Foreign Girl' is one of the most wonderful songs I've heard lately. It's one more pure Brian but when he's in the 'happy-go-lucky' mood. 'Tell Me What You Are' reminds me of those great Macca/Costello collaborations (which is a compliment of course). Other highlights are 'Warm Dove Plains', 'Pro-Stripe' (even if it's short it's like those great cheerful They Might Be Giants' tunes) and 'Please Find My Guitar...' is just the most wonderful album closer. Well what else can I say except thanks veryveryvery much for making my life a nicer place to be. God bless ya!!! - Goran Obradovic POP'N'PSYCH (Yugoslavia, Nov. 1998) THE BREETLES 'Spooj' CD Chris Breetveld is one of those play-everything-myself-at-home types (like myself), except...he's really good at it. What I mean is, this stuff sounds a full band playing it, not like one person doing an approximation of one, if that makes sense. Anyway, this CD kicks ass from start to finish. There are 15 tunes on this disc, and they are all strong, muscular pop songs...from the Gary Lewis-like playful pop of the opener, 'Warm Dove Plains', to the New-Wave-ish popgoing of 'Sign On The Bridge' to the album's closer, a ballad called 'Please Find My Guitar At The End Of The Night', which, to my ears, is a genuine CLASSIC. No wonder this guy has gotten great reviews in places like Goldmine. He fuckin' deserves it. Maybe it's because I'm in middle-age, or maybe it's because I'm not an angry youngin' anymore, but dammit, I just can't understand why t

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