Bravo! Domingo: The Best of Placido Domingo [DVD/CD]


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This program showcases 22 songs sung by Placido Domingo both in concert and video form such as Quiereme Mucho and Paloma Querida. ~ Cammila Collar, Rovi


Review Text It's impossible to summarize the remarkable career of Placido Domingo in the span of a single disc, but BRAVO! DOMINGO is an admirable showcase of the attributes that have assured the singer a place among the greatest tenors of all time. First and foremost, there is the voice--an extraordinarily rich instrument that he wields with power, grace, and unerring musicianship. Domingo is also renowned for his versatility. He has always explored diverse areas of operatic literature and challenged himself artistically through a wide variety of roles. The disc includes several arias from operas by Puccini and Verdi that have been central to his musical life and ably demonstrate his artistry.Domingo has also devoted considerable time and energy to performing and recording traditional and popular music from Spain, Mexico, Cuba, and Latin America. His commitment to musical forms and cultures outside of the standard repertoire is evident in outstanding performances of works such as "Quiereme Mucho," "Paloma Querida," "Un Minuto de Amor," and "Granada." No retrospective of this great singer would be complete without some representation of his work with the Three Tenors. A rousing rendition of "O Sole Mio" offers a very good example of the trio's appeal. BRAVO! DOMINGO is a fine tribute to a singular artist.

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